Renov8tor 3 Steam vacuum System


The Renov8tor 3 Steam Vacuum is a powerful, compact and easily portable mains cleaning system providing very hot and very dry (circa 160c) steam cleaning with an integrated and powerful vacuum system giving instantly clean and dry and sterile surfaces to all water safe finishes.

The Reno 3 can be used on a huge variety of surfaces including all flooring; (Carpets, Vinyl, Ceramic, Altro non-slip, Laminate, Terrazzo, Marble, Wood, Plastics, Stone, Steel etc). It can likewise be utilised to clean and dry all ‘water safe’ materials including glass and stainless steel.

In the retail sector, the Renov8tor 3 is widely used in Supermarkets as a ‘spot’ cleaner to rapidly and easily remove chewing gum and price tickets and provide rapid defrosting of freezers and cleaning of chillers, without removing the stock!

The Renov8tor system has been in use in retail and industrial situations for many years and is ideally suited to the renovation and maintenance of small supermarkets and industrial premises, with particular emphasis on the renovation and maintenance cleaning of Industrial kitchens, Deli Units and other stainless steel equipment and fixtures. The dry steam at 160 centigrade rapidly removes all contamination, marks, grease etc and the powerful inbuilt vacuum system removes the residue at the same time leaving surfaces clean, sterile and shining without the use of chemical products.

The Renov8tor 3 Steam vacuum comes in three models:

The Commercial:     4.5 Bar

The Professional:    6.5 Bar

The Industrial:          8.0 Bar

The Industrial model also features the ‘chemical injection’ system allowing chemical products to be dispensed from a special tank directly through the steam line allowing for easy cleaning of larger areas of carpet and flooring or heavy degreasing of car engines, etc

All systems are provided complete with a full selection of tools and an ample hose with simple, twin button operation.

Three Models are available

Renov8tor 3 commercial (4.5 bar)
Renov8tor 3 professional (6.5 bar with chemical injection)
Renov8tor 3 industrial (8.5 bar with chemical injection)

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