I-Mop, a powerful, effortless time saver


The i-mop is a cleaning machine with the mobility of a flat floor mop, with over 1,000m2/h of practical area cleaning power that you can carry up stairs with only one hand. It can clean under tables, chairs and counters.

The patented i-mop combines the two most frequently used floor cleaning systems in a unique way. The flexibility, ease and accessibility of flat floor mops is combined with the area cleaning capability and quality of a professional cleaning disc cleaning machine. Your staff can work more easily, achieving an area cleaning performance in small buildings that you previously only dreamed of while at the same time  improving cleaning quality.

For professional cleaning machines designed to clean large areas even both trivial structural conditions can become insurmountable obstacles.  A few stairs, tables, chairs or crowded conditions in bathrooms mean that manual cleaning is often the only efficient approach, until now that is. All of this has changed with the i-mop.

Weighing less than 20 kg, it can even be carried up a staircase by your smaller staff.

Cleaning is easy under tables and chairs, around columns, along edges and in corners. This will change the way that you estimate costs for cleaning buildings.


Crossing the flatmop with a scrubberdryer Machine cleaning without limits Hovercraft gliding experience New dimensions in cleaning productivity Integrated trolley system optional Substitution of the mop in 50%+X cases

Technical Stuff

46 cm working width
3-4 litres clean water tank
1h battery capacity with li-io batteries
Equipment trolley planned


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