Eureka Tigra Ride On Vacuum Floor Sweeper


The Eureka Tigra is a ride-on vacuum sweeper machine designed and manufactured to sweep small, medium and large areas and a modern alternative to bulky walk-behind or outdated/out-sized ride-on sweepers.

The Tigra combines the manoeuvrability and user-friendliness of a walk behind machine with the efficiency of a ride on sweeper.

Thanks to its size, the Tigra sweeper fits very well through doorways and other narrow areas, and is particularly suitable for the cleaning of indoor hard surfaces as well as large carpeted areas. It may also be suitable for a number of outdoor applications.

Its powerful and quiet electric drive enables the machine to work at a very low level of noise. Particular attention has been given to the external finish to give it a modern aesthetic appearance.

Major Users

  • Food industry
  • Trucking and warehousing
  • Paper and allied products
  • Chemical industry
  • Cleaning contractors
  • Shopping malls
  • Car parks
  • Large hotel areas
  • Lumber and wood products
  • Service stations
  • Airports ( indoor areas )
  • Brewerie
Cleaning path with side brooms 1050mm
Cleaning path only main broom 550mm
Real capacity of dirt container 63 litres / 83kg
Productivity 5486 m2/hr
Filtering shaker mechanical
Drive battery driven
Main brush width and diameter 500 mm x 240 mm /10 section of bristles
Wheels 3 x full rubber non marking wheels
Side brush diameter 320 mm
Dimensions (l x w x h) 1296 x 824 x 937 mm
Weight (101 / 151) 24.5kg / 25.5kg

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