Eureka Picobello 101 & Picobello 151 Manual Floor Sweeper Machines


The Eureka Picobello 101 sweeper machine is a manual floor sweeper with a total sweeping path of 700 mm. It can sweep up to 2100 square metres per hour, and is therefore more than 10 times faster than a man with a broom. It combines PRODUCTIVITY with VALUE FOR MONEY, and can be employed anywhere there are small to medium floor areas to be kept dust-free.

The Picobello 151 combines PRODUCTIVITY, SIMPLICITY, ECOLOGY and VALUE FOR MONEY, and can be used anywhere there are small to medium floor areas to be kept totally dust-free.

The Picobello 151 is a very innovative manual sweeper, as it is equipped with a patented system that enables the complete control of dust, which would otherwise be raised when using any other traditional manual sweepers. Picobello 151 has an unlimited running time, it is completely silent and 100% ecological.

Main Features

  • Adjustable handle
  • Collects in forward & reverse
  • Large capacity anti-shock front & rear dirt containers
  • Self-grease bearings
  • Battery-free vacuum system
  • Winner of the “Most Innovative Product” award
  • Adjustable main brush pressure
  • Adjustable side brush mounted on shock-absorbers
  • Strong metal chassis
  • Large rear wheels for better maneuvarability
  • Easy to use
  • 100% Eco friendly
  • Fast, economical & silent

Ideal For:

  • Transport & logistics companies
  • Factory floor sweeping
  • Warehouse floor sweeping
  • Shopping centre sweeping
  • Car park sweeping
  • Gas and petrol filling station cleaning
  • School playground sweeping
  • Collecting leaves
  • Hard floors
  • Soft floors
  • Indoor areas
  • Outdoor areas
  • Yards & parks
  • Leisure centres & gyms
  • Sports grounds & stadiums


Cleaning path with side broom 700mm
Cleaning path only main broom 500mm
Recommended working speed 3km/hr
Real capacity of dirt container (front) 26 litre forward drive
Real capacity of dirt container (back) 4 litre reverse drive
Productivity 1500 m2/hr
Main brush width and diameter 500 mm x 240 mm /10 section of bristles
Wheels 3 x full rubber non marking wheels
Side brush diameter 320 mm
Dimensions (l x w x h) 1296 x 824 x 937 mm
Weight (101 / 151) 24.5kg / 25.5kg

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