Eureka Compact 1150 Ride On Vacuum Floor Sweeping Machine


The Eureka Compact 1150 sweeper is a combination of sweeping technology and new ideas, which will enable the user to keep large floor areas clean, whilst working in total comfort, quickly and at low cost.

The wide sweeping path (1150 mm) combined with the fast operational speed assures a large cleaning capacity (up to 7820 m2/hr) and the compactness of this floor sweeper, with its small turning radius (only 1000 mm) makes it particularly suitable for sweeping in narrow, confined areas not accessible by larger machines.

The floating, self-levelling main sweeping brush and the retractable, anti-shock side sweeping brooms allow for maximum cleaning efficiency on rough or uneven floors, while the large filter area enables sweeping in the dustiest of environments. This, in conjunction with a large debris container, reduces the emptying time, increasing overall productivity.

The hydrostatic drive on rear wheels increases manoeuvrability and power and enables the Compact 1150 sweeper to operate on steep inclines. The optional on-board vacuum cleaner enables easy cleaning of edges and areas inaccessible to the main machine.

In addition, the original Italian touch is visible in the design of the external shapes: this adds an attractive appearance, which is appreciated by customers all over the world. After all, productive does not necessarily mean bulky.

Major Users

  • Food industry
  • Logistics and warehouse cleaning
  • Factory cleaning
  • Paper and allied products
  • Chemical industry
  • Cleaning contractors
  • Shopping mall cleaning
  • Car park cleaning
  • Hotels (including large carpeted areas)
  • Lumber and wood products
  • Service stations
  • Airports ( indoor areas )
  • Breweries

Available Versions:

  • COMPACT 1150S sweeper – with Honda petrol engine
  • COMPACT 1150E sweeper – battery driven version

Optional Accessories

  • On board vacuum cleaner
  • Carpet cleaning kit
  • Astro turf cleaning kit
Cleaning path 1150mm (with two side brooms)
950mm (with one side broom)
700mm (with main broom only)
Gradient (recommended/max.) Petrol version – 8/20%
Battery version – 6/18%
Capacity of dirt container 72 litres
Productivity 7820 m2/hr
Forward speed 6.8km/hr
Reverse speed 4km/hr
Turning radius 1000mm
Dimensions (l x w x h) 1410 x 962 x 1240mm (exc. side brooms or beacon)
1510 x 1150 x 1450mm (inc. side brooms & beacon)
Main brush 700mm x 285mm
Side brush diameter 450mm
Weight Petrol version – 284kg
Battery version – 276kg (without batteries)
With batteries – 400-500kg (depending on battery type)
Filter no. & type 5 x cartridge
Filtering area 4m2

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