Eureka Scrubber Driers – E75B Ride On

E75B Scrubber Dryer

The Eureka E75 Scrubber Dryer from Eureka.

The Eureka E75B is a new, user-friendly battery-powered ride-on scrubber-dryer machine designed by Eureka for the maintenance cleaning of areas up to 8000 square metres, which allows a dramatic reduction in the cost of cleaning.

It is available with 2 polypropylene disks or floor pads which, combined to a speed of 5.3 km/hr, boasts an area coverage of 4000 square metres per hour. Our major aim was to design a compact scrubber drier machine, fast and productive, that can be purchased at a very competitive price.

The E75B is therefore a modern alternative to bulky walk-behind or outdated, over sized ride on scrubber-dryer machines.

The E75B ride on scrubber drier machine offers the economic advantage to be used up to four non-stop working hours thanks to the optimization of energy consumption. The compact size means the machine fits through standard door opening & can be transported in lifts.

E75 guarantees a dramatic reduction in the cost of cleaning, thanks to an extremely competitive purchase price and a complete set of standard equipment which reduces waste and consumption.

No more time and costs wasted on operator training, thanks to the very simple and user-friendly controls.

Thanks to its compact size, The E75 replaces bulky walk-behind machines, dramatically reducing the cost per square metre of floor cleaned. Besides, it can fit through standard doors and can be transported in lifts.

The easy and intuitive controls are user friendly, without additional costs for operator training.

The vacuum-motor is silenced, and guarantees a very low acoustic pressure level which is particularly appreciated in noise-sensitive environments such as nursing homes and hospitals.

Automatic squeegee uncoupling when accidentally impacted avoids damage to the machine or to the environment.

The scrub deck is equipped with a selfadjusting splash-skirt which, besides preventing the dirt water to splash during the cleaning session, allows for water-leaking prevention.

The drive motor is completely sealed and protected by a strong, tubular bumper. Additionally, the machine is equipped with an anti-tilting device for increased safety

Thanks to the optimization of energy consumption, E75 can be used for up to four non-stop working hours

The recovery tank is equipped as standard with a stainless steel basket to avoid the passage of larger debris which may clog the system.

The tanks boast a capacity of 110 & 125 litres, and thus guarantee a very high productivity and reduce time wasted for emptying & refilling operations.

Technical Features E75
Working Width 75cm
Max. speed 5.4km/hr
Max. Productivity 4000 m2/hr
Recommended Batteries 4 x 6v 240a/h
Running Time (approx) 4 hours
Battery Charger On board – IP65
Fresh water tank capacity 110 litres
Recovery tank capacity 125 litres
Brush pressure 47kg
Vacuum motor 510w 3 stage direct
Turning radius 1560mm
Noise level 67db

Industrial sites, councils, community centres, schools, offices, religious buildings, hospitals, public buildings, airports, ports, shopping centres, logistical depots, contract cleaners and facilities management.

Ceramics, marble, cement/concrete, linoleum, non-slip flooring, procelain tiles and most other floor types.

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