The Escalator 550

Grand Magus

The Escalator 550 Professional Escalator Cleaning Machine is our top of the range escalator cleaner. When a dedicated escalator cleaning machine is the preferred option you cannot fail to be impressed by this powerful and efficient machine.

For facilities with a large number of escalators or travelators the Escalator 550 Escalator Cleaning Machine is the machine of choice.

Whether your escalators or travelators need routine, maintenance cleaning or periodic deep cleaning this machine has the capability to do the job.

It has a 550 mm cleaning width to save time and speed up the cleaning process when there is only a small window of opportunity for cleaning.

The Escalator 550 Escalator Cleaning Machine has a unique patented guide rail system. This perfectly aligns the machine in the tread of the escalator or travelator and allows safe operation whilst in motion.

A sweeping function is first employed by vacuum filtration to remove dust from the escalator or travelator. The 550 then sprays a fine mist of water and cleaning fluid onto the treads. This is known as a “damp wash”.

The Escalator 550 Escalator Cleaning Machine uses minimal water which is not only a key requirement of escalator manufacturers but also is environmentally friendly.

The interchangeable head position allows the machine to cover all the escalator width speedily for optimum efficiency.

The brushes have been designed in consultation with major escalator manufacturers and a range of dedicated brushes are available to suit various tread profiles. This means that the brushes reach fully into the treads where dust and grime can accumulate.

The Escalator 550 Escalator Cleaning Machine cleans right up to the edge of escalators and travelators which can be cleaned in just a few passes of this highly efficient machine.

Technical Spec Escalator 550
Width 550mm
Length 1200mm
Tank Capacity 12 Litre
Recovery Tank Capacity 5.5 Litre
Weight 65 kg
Voltage 220/240 or 110 volts
Voltage 50/60 Hz
Max Power 1900 volts

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