The New Duplex Turbo

Grand Magus
The Duplex Turbo is the latest innovation from the successful Duplex range of floor cleaning systems.  Incorporating the freedom of Li-Ion battery power, (no cables!); a compact size, (380mm or 15 inches); this revolutionary floor cleaner tackles all types of hard floors, safety flooring and carpets with equal ease. The Turbo is so light in use it can be literally controlled with one hand, and the Li-Ion battery pack gives an hours’ use covering up to 1500m2 (16,000 sq ft) of flooring with a single charge.

The twin brushes counter-rotate to give an instantly clean surface to any floor, including safety flooring, textured ceramic tiles, vinyl’s etc.  The compact size of the Turbo and rotating design means easy access to clean small spaces and also removes the problem of storing bulky, heavy equipment.

The Turbo is the first Duplex machine to feature a vacuum system in addition to the Duplex mechanical pick up, giving an instantly dry, clean surface. By simply retracting the squeegee system, carpets are cleaned and restored without fuss or mess.

Contact us to arrange a free on-site demonstration of this revolutionary system without obligation, and see the results for yourself.

Technical Spec Turbo
Width 380mm
Height 240mm
Length 490mm
Cleaning Width 320mm
Coverage 1500 sq m per hour
Brush Speed 500 rpm
Clean Solution Tank Capacity 4 ltr
Recovery Tank Capacity 6 ltr
Sound Level <70db
Weight Empty 15kg
Voltage 36v
Motor Power 350w
Cable Length N/A

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