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Rubber Matting Cleaning & Sterilization.

No-Deposit Contract Hire terms available from £35.00 plus vat per week*.

*subject to status and acceptance.

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CC Ltd have been working with Gyms during the pandemic to provide safe, clean, and sterilised environments for their members. The Duplex Dry Steam Systems kill bacteria and viruses whilst cleaning with dry steam at up to 165 C and also remove chalk marks and body fats. The Dry Steam approach not only sterilises as it cleans, but the tiny amounts of ordinary tap water used mean cleaning the Box between classes can be rapidly and easily completed providing a dry, non-slip and sterilised surface ready for re-use in minutes.

The Duplex Dry Steam systems have been successfully installed in over 80 Boxes in 2020 alone.

Following tests of a number of system options, a Duplex system utilising twin soft brushes (each turning at 600 rpm with thousands of individual diagonally placed bristles); and very hot, but very dry steam proved to be not only the most effective solution but also the fastest.

The matting is cleaned, sterilised and dried within a matter of moments, ready for the next class. Body fats, chalk, and items of small debris are all removed and collected inside the machine.

No chemicals of any kind are required, the cleaning and sterilisation is wholly accomplished with tap water (turned into dry steam), and the special brush system.

Dry steam at up to 165 degrees centigrade provides immediate sterilisation, killing all bacteria and removing potential sources of odours.

The ‘grip’ and appearance of the rubber matting is instantly restored.

The duplex brush system cleans in both directions and from edge to edge. It works on any type of flooring including, but not limited to: rubber matting, carpeting, wood, entrance matting, vinyl, ceramic and resin safety floors, tiles, altro etc.

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No-Deposit Contract Hire terms are available – Duplex 420 steam From £35.00 + vat per week, Duplex 340 steam from £29.00 + vat per week.

Free On-Site demonstrations of the system without obligation anywhere in the UK.

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