A new service from The Cleaning Consultancy

Annual Service Contracts

This new service will include two site visits per year, covers call out and labour on site and supplies any parts needed at a 20% discount on our Trade List price. The cost of an annual contract will be £295.00 + vat per machine, providing two visits to the site per annum, giving a major discount on the ‘non-contract’ rates’.

All servicing will be carried out by a Factory Trained Engineer and only factory parts will be supplied. The idea is to keep the unit in top condition and to prevent small problems becoming large and expensive problems!. The whole of the mainland U.K. will be covered at the same cost and this will be priced well below the standard 2021 service charges (National Engineer Call Out £125.00, Time on Site £85.00 per Hour).

The following checks will be made on each visit:



Handle security • Carrying handle • Bowden cable adjustment • Slide switch for floor adjustment • Mop on/off switch • Steam generator operation • Wheels & axles • Water tank filter (replace every 12 months) • IP56 plug and socket (GF7v1) • Micro switch operation



Water tanks and valves • Water reservoir feed • Recovery tank trimmers • Brush supports • Rear body frame • Remove conveyor belts x 2 check for wear & clean • Remove bottom rollers clean & lubricate • Clean & lubricate top rollers • Remove steam generator inlet/outlet and check for scale build-up, de-scale as necessary • Remove steam outlet pipe and check for scale build-up • Check Vacuum hose and connections



Check for wear and condition



Visual inspection of machine connections • Visual inspection of outer cable insulation • Check battery terminals and connection • Insulation @ 1000v • Continuity • Test – Live, Neutral, Earth • Earth Bondage • Earth Leakage • Fuse Current • Run Test Inspection intervals minimum 12 months.

The above tests comply with relevant British Standards & the Electricity at work Regulations. The machine must not have been neglected; misused, modified or used for any other purpose other than that for which is was designed. The machine must have been serviced by a Duplex’ authorized engineer as recommended, including the first twelve months. The warranty is invalidated if repairs are made by anyone other than a Duplex’ authorised engineer. The warranty would cease to be valid if ownership of the machine changes. The warranty is invalidated if Hydroscale is not used in steam tanks. Only chemicals recommended for this type of machine to be used.

Why is an Annual Service Contract a good idea?

  • Repair is never cheaper than correct maintenance
  • 20% off all parts including brushes and chemicals
  • Two or three pre booked service calls
  • Free training during any service visit
  • Six monthly Portable Appliance Test
  • On-site advice from a fully trained engineer during service visits
  • Machines maintained regularly perform better for longer
  • Regular newsletters with useful hints, tips and offers
  • 20% discount on PMA for two or more machines at same location
  • Extra 10% discount if PMA taken out for three year


1 Duplex Machine – £295 + VAT
2nd Duplex Machine at the same site – £250.00 + VAT
Renov8tor Series Dry Steam Vacs – £395.00 + VAT

Price includes: Two Service Visits per year.

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